Virtual Private Networks, VPN Tunnels


Our industry-leading Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances provide

  • Easy access to essential corporate resources for remote employees
  • Secure shell (SSH) and remote desktop (RDP) access through a remote user’s web browser
  • Extremely fast authentication for establishing an SSL tunnel or complete access to the backend network
  • Bi-directional tunneling to connect to a remote employee’s device to troubleshoot technical problems or update software
  • Consolidated auditing collects all information about access, identity, and system events in a central repository for quick insight into user and system-based activities
  • Comprehensive endpoint integrity checking ensures advanced network protection
  • Session clean up removes all traces of access from the endpoint to prevent data leakage through another user’s covert re-entry to network resources
  • Integrated third-party authentications, including Microsoft Active Directory
  • Advanced logging for data mining and asset management